Fraser Foods: Motivation And Functions Of Management

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Question “1”: Roles and activities of a manager (explain one theory by linking with the case study):
Henry Fayol says there are five good jobs for the good manager and here we associate them with Fraser Foods:
Is the process and the first function of management, which is the basis for other administrative functions. Planning is a continuous process that involves determining the way things go.
• Fraser Foods have developed business expansion plans for the next five years to help reduce their reliance on one major customer .
A process that aims to organize and distribute tasks among employees by relying on the implementation of a general employment policy, contributing to the ability to properly organize work, enhancing communication between staff, departments and management, coordinating functions, controlling available
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Is the last process of management operations, which depends on the imposition of control and control of the workflow through control and ensure its implementation.
• The son of the general manager, Robin, visits his team members and takes part in visiting clients and knows the problems that may arise and identify the progress made in the work to control it.

Question “2”: Ways to measure managerial performance (link with the case study):
1-The motivation & morale of staff.
Fraser Foods has divided teams to raise the morale of employees through various activities that keep them away from boredom and repetitive work and have made the company share profits with its employees so that they have a motive to achieve their goals.
2-Creating supportive work environment.
Fraser Foods has created a supportive business environment by creating teams, diversifying business, communicating with managers and employees, sharing ideas and opinions, and thus improving the working environment.

Question “3”: Behavioural theory of leadership (explain one theory by linking it with the case study):
Theory: Michigan’s
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