Fraud : The Perfect Fraud Storm

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Financial Statement Fraud Option #2
The perfect fraud storm occurred between the years 2000 and 2002 involving two of the largest energy and telecom corporations in the United States: Enron and WorldCom. It was determined that both organizations fraudulently overstated assets, created assets from expenses or overstated revenues, costing investors billions of dollars and resulting in both organizations declaring bankruptcy (Albrecht, Albrecht, Albrecht & Zimbelman, 2012). Nine factors contributed to fraud triangle creating this perfect fraud storm, and assisting management in concealing the fraud until exposed and rectified.
Nine Factors of the Fraud Perfect Storm
Essentially, all three elements of the fraud triangle must be present for fraud to be committed: pressure, opportunity, and rationalization. Additionally, nine factors provided the atmosphere for the perfect fraud storm of 2000 through 2002. The nine factors included: economy, moral values, incentives, expectations, debt, accounting rules, auditor dependence, greed, and educator failures (Albrecht et al., 2012). When combined with the elements of the fraud triangle these factors enabled organizations such as Enron and WorldCom to commit the fraudulent activities that resulted in this perfect storm. Among the nine factors of the perfect fraud storm; the economy, incentives, and expectations all fulfilled the three elements of the fraud triangle providing the necessary motivation for management to succumb to…
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