Freak The Mighty Book Report

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Friends are more valuable than you may think. You might think Freak The Mighty and Bridge To Terabithia are different. Me, I think they are similar. In Freak The Mighty, Max meets Kevin, and right away they become the best of pals, and in Bridge To Terabithia, Jesse meets Leslie, and they become inseparable. I think they share a theme: One good friend could change your life forever.
In Freak The Mighty, the protagonist is Max Kane. He is an outcast. He never had many friends. He’s big, tall, and most of all, he looks just like his father. Looking like his dad was not a good thing, though. His father, Kenny Kane, or Killer Kane was in jail for life for murder. Then, Freak (Kevin) came along. He moved into an apartment right down the street. Ever since then, they’ve been best buddies. They went on adventures, Freak riding high on Max’s shoulders. This is when they were “Freak the Mighty”. Then, one day at school, Kevin was eating too fast, and he began to choke. Everyone was afraid he was going to die. He was rushed to the hospital. He ended up being okay, but a year later, tragedy really did occur. On his birthday, he just wasn’t acting right. That night he wound up having a seizure. This time he had to be
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He too, was an outcast. He just wasn’t really cool. He didn’t have any friends. Then one day Leslie Burke moved into the house next to Jesse’s. At first Jesse wanted no part in getting to know them. But, after a few weeks, they were best chums. They sat together on the bus. They practically did everything together. One day after school, they found a rope by a creek and swung on it. On the other side, they built a kingdom. They called it Terabithia. The rope was the bridge. Then one day when Jesse went to Washington, D.C., Leslie decided to go to Terabithia, but when she swung on the rope, it snapped. She fell, hitting her head, and died. That is when Jesse realized what such a great friend Leslie
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