Freak The Mighty Character Analysis

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Throughout the novel, Freak the Mighty, author Rodman Philbrick brings the two main characters, Max and Kevin nicknamed “Freak”, together through friendship between two completely different people. The two friends friendship made both Kevin and Max stronger in their own ways; whether it be Max and his self confidence or Kevin with his size. The friendship they had changed both the main characters and others around them for the better in the end. Friendship also taught them how to treat one another whether it be in the case of Max and his dad, Killer Kane, or Freak the Mighty and Loretta, a side character in the novel. Max and Kevin’s friendship made both of them stronger and taught them and everyone around new and important lessons. Max and Kevin’s friendship made each other stronger in their own ways. For example Freak struggled with his size and how to act around other kids. Freak’s mom, the Fair Gwen, showed her worries toward Kevin’s size as Max narrates on page 20, “...the Fair Gwen grabs Freak and puts him in the wagon and I swear, she almost runs home, like if she dosen’t get away quick something really bad is going to happen”( Philbrick 20). This shows how much the Fair Gwen worried about freak before he became friends with Max. But in the end of the novel the Fair Gwen is trusting Freak because of his friendship with Max. Their friendship also made Max stronger whether it be his reading problems or his insecurity about his height and dad. As Max narrates on page 5,

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