Freakonomics by Steven Dubner and Steven Levitt

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Freakonomics Summary The books introductory chapter is “The Hidden Side of Everything” which is the best phrase to describe the books purpose. The book doesn’t have a set plot line like most books. The book makes people think about things different from how they normally would; for instance, the concept of real estate agents as the KKK. In the book Levitt and Dubner prove many times that correlation does not mean causation. However the book then goes in and provides of examples of how two unrelated items could in fact be connected. Thus, they are able to prove most unlikely correlations with the right proof. In the first chapter the authors propose economics to be the study of the affects of incentives. He backs up this proposal with three examples. He showed how Chicago teaches were cheating the standardized test system. He also then insinuated that cheating doesn’t occur often in the sumo wrestling sport. Lastly, he provides the example that a bagel seller used the honor system to sell his bagels. While he did this he kept detailed financial records and found some people stole bagels. In chapter two the authors reference the thought that the most successful historical events due to a disparity of information. They give the example that when real estate agents sell their houses they do it their own advantage not the consumers. They tell the consumers what they want to hear but leave out the information that they wouldn’t be fond of. However the authors’ thoughts
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