Frederick Douglas And Henry David Thoreau

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Frederick Douglas and Henry David Thoreau
The life and works of Henry David Thoreau and Frederick Douglass’ has had a lasting impact in the literary field since there work is studied now in most colleges. Although, the writers travelled in the same circle and were both friends of Ralph Waldo Emerson the pair were not friends. In looking at the life and works of the two dynamic literary giants analyzing their common goals, work, and their place in Transcendentalist history will bring more understanding of these authors.
The fact that their work is still relevant today is something that Henry David Thoreau and Frederick Douglass have in common and the fact that they are both wrote from the Transcendentalist Era perspective and they both abhorred slavery is also a common factor. Although, in their writing they both have a different take on life Thoreau having been born free and was educated at Harvard, and Douglass’ was born a slave and self-educated they still had some of the same goals since Henry David Thoreau and Frederick Douglass’ were both slave abolitionist who were involved with the Underground Railroad and both where very passionate about their work on the issues of slavery but from a different point of view since Henry David Thoreau could not experience slavery but, only acknowledge that slavery was cruel and wrong through what he learned about slavery whereas, Frederick Douglass was born a slave and knew firsthand the effects of slavery. It could also be said

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