Frederick Douglass, A Brave Man Who Escaped Slavery

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Slaves were not considered citizens in America before the fourteenth amendment was added to the national constitution, and blacks held no rights within the law. The white people had total control over regulations and politics, and used that to their advantage to keep slaves and free blacks on an inferior societal level. Slaves had no records of a human being in a state, no name, title, or register. They couldn’t collect any money, make purchases, and they had no heirs, meaning they couldn’t make a will. Whatever they acquired went to their masters. Additionally, they couldn’t plead or be pleaded for. Slaves were not entitled to the rights and considerations of matrimony, and had no relief in the cases of adultery. They were basically a property rather than a human being; slave owners could sell, trade, or transfer the blacks. Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey (his given name), otherwise known as Frederick Douglass, was a brave man who escaped slavery, fought for what he believed in, and became the first African-American to hold a high U.S. government rank, and became the most famous and respected African American of the nineteenth century. This paper will analyze the history and life of Frederick Douglass according to the autobiography “The Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave” written by Frederick himself, and the biography by William S. McFeely “Frederick Douglas”. Frederick Douglass was born on a Maryland plantation in February around 1818.
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