Frederick Douglass : A Revolutionary Leader And Pioneer

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Life histoory of Frederick Douglass Frederick Douglass, social reformer of an African American descent, was an orator, writer, statesman, abolitionist movement leader. He was born in 1818 in Talbot County in the United States in the area of Maryland. He gained prominence because of his extraordinary oratory skills. His antislavery writings were appreciated across America, particularly when he pointed out that the slaves lacked the basic intellectual rights to perform as the independent American citizens. Northern citizens of America, even had the hardest time to believe that such a good orator was once the victim of slavery tradition in the American continent (Frederick, 2009). He had a strong believer in relation to equality of people, be it of any class, color, sect or religion and dedicated his entire life for this cause. He had once said that he would unite with anybody to do the right thing and said that he would not unite with anybody to the wrong thing. Frederick Douglass was famous as a revolutionary leader and pioneer in the field of slavery abolished in the United States of America. He was known for his excellent oratory skills with the help of which he was able to put forward the cause of black Americans in front of the entire country and the result of which was abolition of total slavery in the country. His oratorical skills, his leadership, statesman skills, his personal story of slavery and subsequent escape led to a huge following which further put

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