Frederick Douglass Alternate Ending

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Once there lived a giant dragon,that no one likes, he was all alone in his ginormous abandoned castle.Every soldier in the land has tried to kill the dangerous monster,the men made it in the gigantic castle,but never made it out.The dragon could breathe fire,that when cooled,would turn to solid ice. Only one person could defeat the terrifying beast he was the chosen one.He was to be as strong as 100 men,as tall as a tree,and as powerful as 700 warlocks,and witches.The chosen one was to be a present,named Sir Douglas. “Douglas get over here and make your father, his lunch for work!”Young Douglas mother yelled. “Yes, mother,”Douglas replied. As he was making his father lunch,King Edward’s mail deliver arrived. “Hello Mrs.James,is your son, Douglas around the king is asking to speak with him,if that’s fine with you?”The deliver asked…show more content…
Young Douglas went to the castle,and spoke with the king.The king asked Douglas if he would behead the dragon.At first, Douglas was terrified,but then he remembered that,he was the chosen one,the one to defeat the dragon.He must prepair for battle. . . . . . . . When Douglas arrived at the gross abandoned castle.It was late evening. The sun shined on him, as it was going down at sunset.Then he saw the glimpse of the beast.Green scales,red eyes,and a broken wing. Douglas charged for the beast. “No stop!I don’t want to hurt you,I want you to be my friend.”The dragon said, sobbing.”I’m so alone.I only freeze these soldiers because they keep me company.” “Really?”Douglas asked. “Yes,no one likes me.I just want some friends.”The dragon said now crying. “I’ll be your friend,”Douglas mentioned. “Yes!” The dragon screamed. Now wonderful monster got his wing fixed. The dragon unfreezed everyone,and the dragon lived with
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