Frederick Douglass, An American Slave And From Song Of Myself

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The United States was founded on freedom, yet in the past it permitted slavery to take place. Freedom for African Americans in the United States had been fought for many years. Freedom is key to the quality of life of an individual. Throughout the Narrative of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave and From Song of Myself the narrator we can see that a persons freedom is what gives them the purpose to live. Through the narrative of Frederick Douglas, we can see how he fights to attain freedom. Song of Myself was published in 1855, this was a time where many Americans we optimistic about the democratic future of America. The narrator hopes that everyone will have freedom and that there will not be any injustices. Throughout both Song of Myself and the Narrative of Frederick Douglass, the narrators explore the theme of freedom by touching upon religion, community versus individual and individual versus community. According to The Narrative of Frederick Douglass, the search for freedom is one that can only be accomplished with one self. The relationship between self, and community is developed through the Narrative of Frederick Douglass to understand freedom. Through the life of Frederick Douglass, freedom awakens him to the community. Freedom is gained for the individual by the individual. As mentioned by Walt Whitman in verse 46, “Not I, not any one else can travel that road for you” Douglass is forced to think of only himself in order to understand himself and take action
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