Frederick Douglass And Douglass Speech Analysis

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In some of the darker times in American not all people were equal which was going against the document that held this country together, The Constitution. During the year of 1852 Frederick Douglass gave a speech titled “The Hypocrisy of American Slavery” in which he exposes the fact that slaves are no different than man and should have the same liberties especially freedom. Almost a century later, former President Lyndon B. Johnson makes his famous speech “We Shall Overcome” in attempts to persuade Congress into passing laws that prevented discrimination against colored people voting in our nation. Both Douglass and Johnson use similar techniques, such as anaphoras, rhetorical questions, and repetition to further persuade the Americans that change needs to come around in order for a better future. One of the most effective persuasive techniques seen in both articles is the use of anaphoras. For example, in Douglass’s speech he uses the anaphoric structure to compare several different animals by stating, “When the dogs in your streets, when the fowls of the air, when the cattle on your hills, when the fish of the sea, and the reptiles that crawl,”(Douglass). These statements are used as a build up of speed and aggression to arrive at the point that the animals “shall be unable to distinguish the slave from a brute”, which Douglass responds by saying “I [Douglass] will argue with you that the slave is a man!”(Douglass). The main point of these phrases is to show that all
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