Frederick Douglass And President Lincoln

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Douglass and President Lincoln agreed that slavery needed to be abolished and the Nation needed to be united as one. Lincoln realized that he needed to bring in Frederick Douglass; the combination of a strong and influential black leader and the President of the United States could now create a cohesive group of abolitionists and the Union. Frederick Douglass realized that President Lincoln’s own personality and political judgment would help him free slaves across the country. Realizing each other’s strengths, both men were able to be effective through the use strong actions and powerful words of one another; their relationship played a key role in changing the nations views on slavery and race.

I. Introduction

a. Frederick Douglass and President Abraham Lincoln were the two most influential men during the Civil War. Both had their struggles in life; Lincoln born into a poor white family in Kentucky and Frederick Douglass born as a slave in Maryland.
b. Despite their disadvantages and slow start, both achieved spectacular accomplishments. Lincoln did not have formal schooling or any type of help on political stages and still rose to become one of the most influential and greatest presidents the world has ever seen. Douglass was a twenty-year slave; escaping in 1837. He was a self-taught man who became educated and the most influential black man in the world during that time.
c. Abraham Lincoln’s election was the constructor that built the civil war and the
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