Why Is Frederick Douglass Important To African American History

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Who is Frederick Douglass and why was he important to African American History? Frederick Douglass born February 1817 the exact date of his birth was unknown. His mother who was a field slave was separated from her son at birth. Never knew his father it could have been possible of his mother’s master of being his father. Fredrick Douglass was born into slavery and didn’t have much of a childhood and was forced to work hard and to be treated cruel. Then he moved into the Auld home a northern family where slaves weren’t treated as badly. It was then he learned the basic reading writing abilities which turned out to be his gateway to freedom. Douglass was then relocated but eventually after all the beatings at the age twenty he used the knowledge he had gotten while living with the Auld family and planned an escape and was successful. Then advanced and become an anti-slavery activist. Then proceed even more being a writer of anti-slavery. Who would have thought a former slave could be so brilliant and clever? Well no one did know he used all resources around him which then became his key element to freedom. Then Douglass went on a spent a mass amount of time and effort on achieving freedom for other slaves. Douglass dedicated much of his life into accomplishing justice for all Americans more precisely African American, women, and minority groups. Believing in equality of all people no matter the skin color nor gender. Fredrick Douglass then became the prominent voice of
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