Frederick Douglass Early Childhood

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Although Slavery took over Douglass’s early childhood as an African American young man he grew to become “a prominent figure in the abolitionist movement” and a very Prominent and well liked individual by the African American community (Whittaker). Some of those of the other races, who were a part of positive aspects on life, and those who wanted to do away with slavery. When Douglass returned to America he started to write more and became more involved in his political views and writing more about his views on equality at the time and dug deeper into slavery, since he was once a slave as well as the people he was speaking and fighting for. Him being more active in his culture he began his own newspaper.
Douglass received most critical attention,
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After delivering his speech at Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society’s annual convention at Nantucket, many of the people in the crowd were not happy with the speech he had given. But things for him soon got worse in 1843 during a Midwest lecture tour Douglass was beaten by an angry mob, before being rescued by a family of Quakers. Douglass was beaten due to his content of the speech he had spoken.
“Sadly Douglass’s public career unfolded in several distinct phases” (American Literature…). Douglass was doing many extensive lectures on the anti- slavery act. He later published his Narrative 1845, this narrative he published caused much controversy, the reason for this was because it was so explicit with the life and facts of slavery, this exposed him to the chances of being recaptured and being enslaved once again.
With things going on the way they were going in the states, Douglass decided to pack his things and flee to England and spent the years 1845-1847 living there. While staying in England, Douglass made the decision to lecture and promote anti-slavery throughout the British isles. He grew to know many people there, and with the help of his english friends he was able to buy his freedom, this had to be done in order for him to publish his own
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