Frederick Douglass Effect On Society

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In the history of this country there never was a more eager group to accept knowledge as the minorities of this country whose burthen was consistent hard labor, and of which the once enslaved were a part of as well. What they were called on to do with their hands and muscles, but never with their minds, they did without the awareness of higher things. But once given the stuff of thought, they were much displeased at being used without respect and at being so low and base and subject to such common toil. Frederick Douglass is the epitome of this. He was a former slave during the 19th century who had gained his freedom after escaping his slavemaster. Once freed, he went about becoming involved with the abolitionist, who were men and women that thought slavery should…show more content…
In it he spoke of the wrongness of slavery and of many thoughts on government. But if there was anything that occupied him the most, it was the opposing of slavery and its effect on society and people. He could oppose it because he knew how to write about it and read about it. His desire to learn served him well in this. Why then, I ask, when there is relatively nothing to oppose, are there not many Frederick Douglasses around? Nothing is keeping anyone from learning and yet, where are the words of this generation? Are we to suppose that only slavery or harsh conditions are capable of creating a learned man? If you see corruption in government, why then don’t I know about it? If you see poverty in abundance and have a grudge against the society that allows it, why am I not aware of it? If you wish happiness for your people; if you have an idea of becoming a savior to the world, why have you resisted all this time from learning so that it might become easier, and why have I not heard of your plans for
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