Frederick Douglass

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No one can argue the horrors of slavery. I always immagined that slavery was the worst thing possible that could happen to a person. .That was until I took this class and read the book about Frederick Douglas. As an assingment I was to write a paper and I had three topics to choise from. I was stuck between writting about the worst thing about slavery and what impact it had on what I thought I knew about slavery.I have watched many shows that depicted slavery as a harsh life. I have had black friends who could tell me storeys their great great grandparents once told. I knew it was not pritty before the book, but after it only opened my eyes to how bad it was. After a while I finnally decided which topic I wanted to write…show more content…
I want to ad just a little about my own opinion. Slavery is an institution. It ruins lives or makes them better and is not a 50/50 profet. This is the truth about slavery it happened every where not just America but only in America are people so unwilling to just let things be. An example wouldbe the Jewish ancesters were slaves to the Egyptians but their desndants don't go to egypt and demand the pyramids that they built. But we hear all the time about what the " White Americans" did to the " Black Americans" . There are colleges just for the blacks as they still call themselves the minority. And there are easier college etrence exams for the black because they are underprivlaged. Mostly I see it as they wont let it go. It happened long ago where even today there isn't a black slave who delt with it still alive. We dont hear the Native Americans crying today. And from my view point they should be thanking us. If we look at Africa's economy today, most of their people are dieing from either starvation or AIDS. Had we not taken them as slaves I see it as most of the African Americans as not being

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