Frederick Douglass-Personal Narrative

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It was a cold morning from which I had awoke. The ground was compacted from all of the slaves who had ambled upon this path, and was wet with the morning dew. I took a brief moment to massage my sores and I set off again, determined to escape this merciless place. 1 As I wandered the path, I came across the house that I was told to visit. They said they would help me, and at first I doubted it, but if they did help, it was worth the risk. 2 I apprehensively knocked on the beautifully engraved wooden door and prepared to run in case they didn’t welcome strangers. There was a rustling, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw the white lace curtains flutter open and shut just as fast as they opened. 3 The doorknob rattled for a moment and a burly man…show more content…
I was one of them, an escaped slave. They were lost and needed guidance. I allowed thee to come with me, and I soon became good friends with the family of two. 7 The man, as I later learned was named Frederick Douglass, would frequently tell stories about how he escaped and how his owner treated him. At those times, I had flashbacks to how I nearly got captured while escaping. I still feel the creeping presence of the sentries scouting the area for any escaped slaves. 8 I dazed off, not listening to him, just thinking of how miserable I would have been if I had been captured that day. It all started when I overheard something about slaves running up North. I knew about the North Star, and something about the first call of a quail. 9 I was a cotton picker, as as are many of the slaves, and I stayed outside most of the day. At that time of year, it was frigid, and all we received were cheap quilts to stay on the fringe of death. I didn’t know what a quail sounded like, but I hoped that I would know when it did
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