Frederick Douglass : The Greatest Gift Of Education

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Drawing upon Fredrick Douglass experience Fredrick Douglass had received the greatest gift of education overcoming these harsh obstacles with the true meaning of grit. As a slave Fredrick Douglass was not supposed to learn due to the fact that he wasn’t seen as a human. From his drive to learn Fredrick Douglass found out how this world is supposed to be for instance on how one person should treat another. Even from learning Fredrick Douglass still had the perception that he was a slave for life due to the oppression of slave owners had on slaves. As a slave reading will be punishable by death. Without education slaves felt more below to the slave owner’s slaves were not on equal ground. Fredrick Douglass knew education was important from learning to read gave Fredrick Douglass a different perception on life detesting the slave owners and having the will to want to be free. The oppression on slaves not being able to read in my opinion is because the slave owners wanted the slaves to believe what they had taught them, that this is the way to live that there not even close to humanity is a way of controlling and brainwashing the slaves. If they started learning that they 're human and they have rights the slaves may start an uprising rebellion to be equal and of course the slave owners did not want that or else who would be working the plantations, fields, and running errands for them. Slaves that learned, for instance Fredrick Douglass case is that he
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