Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X Comparison Essay

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Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X Comparison Essay
Nneoma Okeoma
Sept. 28, 2011

Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X Comparison Essay
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Can one think undergoing suffrage of unjust slavery and being held in a penitentiary be compared? In the excerpt of Frederick Douglass (Learning to Read and Write) and in Malcolm X (Learning to Read): both dealt with the oppression that the white race as brought to them. Douglass lists the ways which he learns how to read and write. He discusses how everyone is vulnerable to corruption under slavery. In the excerpt of Malcolm he tells the reader how he first started reading and he describes how the white man has always had the upper-hand when it comes to non-white people. Frederick
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Douglass would ask the whites boys and cram in private. Malcolm X uses cause and effect learning process because he wanted to emulate, and then surpass his acquaintance Bimbi. In result he received the motivation to do so. Frederick uses exemplification on the other hand to describe those injustices that occur in his time of slavery. Both uses of organization were very much similar on how they went about gaining their education. The subject matter of both excerpts can be easily compared. It seems like Malcolm X went through a lesser version of what Frederick went through. Both writers access to a sense of freedom when they began learning how to read and write. It is obvious that Malcolm would spend a portion of his excerpt talking about the time he spent in jail while Douglass would talk about the burdens of slavery. Learning how to read and write was like a forbidden apple to both writers. So getting that first bite opened their eyes to all the things around them that the whites tried to conceal. Frederick Douglass had spent his early years in slavery and the harsh conditions of slavery cannot in be compared to jail, where everyone (black or white) is treated like a criminal. Both writers, Malcolm X and Frederick Douglass both use similar yet different subject matters in their excerpts. Malcolm X and Frederick Douglass both used elements of style in Learning How to Read and Write and Learning how to Read that could be compared and contrasted. This
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