Frederick Douglass 's Life Of Slavery

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Imagine being born into slavery, where you 're forced to work, barely fed, and whipped a couple times of day. Rumble! That is the sound you hear in your stomach. Each night after working in the field for an hour a time. Pain that 's what you feel after being whipped, for not moving fast enough as you should, mainly because you are tired. You live this life of a slave. Your name is Frederick Douglass. Frederick Douglass once said, “Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave. Frederick Douglass did not have an easy life, he has had a painful life. Douglass was born into slavery. His mother was black, and his father was an white man, as an infant, he was separated from his mother, and around the age of twelve his mother passed away. Eventually Frederick Douglass successfully escaped on the train, and he became the voice of slaves. He was able to speak up and out about the unequal treatment of slaves, unfortunately slavery still continues to today around the world, especially in America, with Atlanta been the top location for human trafficking. Frederick Douglass was able to speak up for the slaves who could not speak up for them, so he was the voice for the powerless. There are ministries, non- profits organizations, and we as individuals. as the voice for young men and women who kidnapped it 's our job, to use our voices to speak up against people who can 't speak up.

Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey was born into slavery in Maryland, his mother, Harriet Bailey, and
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