Frederick Douglass 's The Road Of Freedom

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Frederick Douglass the Road to Freedom Frederick Douglass was the champion to a lot of people especially those enslave at that time. It’s easy to imagine slavery but hard to see it. Douglass was inspired by his own story which then inspired millions of others. He is confronted with a challenging task in his writing by trying to fulfil the need. Frederick Douglass opens up people eyes. His book helps to see through his eyes, someone who resisted and fought for freedom for each and every one of us. The road of inspiration taken by Frederick Douglass lead to his freedom along with leading others to freedom. Frederick Douglass was born into slavery on a Maryland shore plantation in February 1818, as Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey, He died of a heart attack in 1895. His mother Harriet Bailey named him a distinguished name hoping his life would be more than hers as a hand in the field. Douglass was never able to track his paternity, he stated in his Narrative that his master Aaron Anthony was his father. His grandmother Betsy Bailey cared for him growing up. In 1826 he was selected to go to Baltimore where he spent five years as a servant in the home of Hugh. Sophia, Hugh wife treated him kind and gave him reading lessons until her husband forbidden them from doing so. In 1833, he was sent back to St. Michaels, Maryland. Later after uneasy labor and repeated beatings he fought back and tried to escape at sixteen years old. Another thing mentioned in the Narrative, was that
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