Frederick Douglass 's Writing And Writing

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Frederick Douglass is one of the most famous abolitionists of his time. He is an intelligent and strong man, which is represented in his essay, “Learning to Read and Write”. He illustrates how he successfully overcomes tremendous difficulties to become literate in the essay. He believes that education is the key to freedom for slaves. Similarly, non-English speaking immigrants regard education as the essential to get rid of struggles in English in the United States.
First, Douglass explains that education and freedom are inseparable. When he is a young slave, his Mistress Hugh treats him like e another person and teaches him alphabet. However, Master Hugh perceives that his wife educates Douglass. He forbids his wife from teaching him to preserve their slaveholders’ power. Soon, Mrs. Hugh loses her kindness and becomes a cruel slave owner. In addition, she deprives his opportunities of learning. His master and mistress has a notion that “education and slavery were incompatible with each other” (Douglass 61). If slaves become literate, they can run away to escape from their masters’ control. As a victim of injustice on education, he enhances his perspective on the significance of education contributing to freedom.
Additionally, Douglass illustrates that literacy is crucial in achieving the emancipation of slavery. Without being educated, slaves have to endure dehumanization and the control of their slaveholders. Although Mrs. Hugh no longer teaches him reading, he is still
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