Frederick Funston and Empire Essay

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Frederick Funston and Empire

In San Francisco between 12th and 14th Avenue is Funston Street. By the Presidio, the former US Army base, is an old set of military structures collectively called Fort Funston. To most people these are just names to identify various locations in the city. But behind the name is a person who is a historical figure that is significant, not just for San Francisco, but for the United States of America and the Republic of the Philippines. Frederick Funston was to many a hero of his times but to others he was also a symbol of his times and not a good one.

1898 saw the United States change from a nation taming a wild frontier to a nation building an empire. The Spanish-American war
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In May Admiral Dewey and his task force sailed into Manila Bay and destroyed the Spanish naval force based there. On the way to Manila Dewey picks up exiled Philippine leader Emilio Aguinaldo. With the help of local Philippine insurgents the Philippine capital, Manila, falls to Admiral Dewey. War ends on August 12th with signing of peace treaty.

With the end of the war many people thought that the Philippines would be given its independence, such as Cuba. But in December 12, 1898 President McKinley released the “Benevolent Assimilation Proclamation”. Part of it stated: With the signature of the treaty of peace between the United States and Spain by their respective plenipotentiaries at Paris on the 10th instant, and as a result of the victories of American arms, the future control, disposition, and government of the Philippine Islands are ceded to the United States. In the fulfillment of the rights of sovereignty thus acquired and the responsible obligations of government thus assumed, the actual occupation and administration of the entire group of the Philippine Islands becomes immediately necessary, and the military government heretofore maintained by the united states in the city, harbor, and bay of Manila is to be extended with all possible dispatch to the whole of the ceded territory. Armed conflict broke out among the US troops and

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