Frederick Henry Discovered Essay

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Frederick Henry Discovered In A Farewell to Arms, Ernest Hemingway uses his idea of the code hero to introduce us to an amazing character. Hemingway takes his own ideas and conveys them through Frederic Henry. During World War I Frederic Henry proves to us that war and lost love can change a strong and willing man. Most men are not willing to change and Frederic Henry realized that in order for him to survive the many problems he was faced with, he would have to become a more mature man, love and solider.

Hemingway’s code hero is portrayed in most every novel that Hemingway wrote. He takes his main character and makes him someone that is hard to change and even harder to make realize the situations around him. His code
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This was a performance for Jordan (the main character in For Whom the Bell Tolls) because he felt that since this was his job in the war, people might look on his actions for years to come. He wanted people to remember his good “performance.” The code hero does not want to do anything that could affect what his orders are. Frederic especially wanted to do everything possible in the war that he could. “He must keep himself in good health in order to do his duty and serve in the war” (Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms 63). Although Hemingway tried to portray Henry as a well-established man, he sometimes is confused and not sure of what to do. “What Hemingway portrays, in fact, is a good, albeit a disappointed and disillusioned, man trying to fulfill his various obligations” (Nolan 271). He is trying to make his relationship last since he is in love and he is also trying to take care of his duty’s in the war.

Although the story is told through first-person narration, we know that Frederic is a clean-shaven man who is tall in stature and although he is not handsome, he is attractive which makes him fit into Hemingway’s code hero. He shows us that he is a strong man and you realize this by everything he has to go through during his time of service. He is a strong man by fighting for a country that isn’t even is. By fighting for another country he is trying to discover himself and he wants from life. He is trying to discover what he truly wants.

Even though he is a
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