Frederick Herzberg's Motivator-Hygience Theory Essay

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Frederick Herzberg is renowned for the development of his Motivator-Hygiene theory. His theory stands on the ground that employees need to get satisfied with their job and avoid job dissatisfaction. For this purpose Herzberg recommends focusing on hygiene factors to avoid job dissatisfaction and focus on motivation factors to stimulate job satisfaction. In such a way, employees achieve job satisfaction and positive performance.

Traditionally, the effectiveness of employees’ performance was one of the primary concerns of managers and theorists who researched issues related to management and who developed management theories. Views on the effectiveness of employees’ performance and its improvement vary consistently.
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Many researchers (Chyung, 2007) agree that job satisfaction influences directly employees’ performance. Moreover, some researchers (Feder, 2000) believe that the higher job satisfaction is the more motivated employees are and, therefore, the more effectively they work. In such a way, the close relationship between job satisfaction and employees’ performance is obvious. At the same time, the development of view on job satisfaction as the key factor of a positive employees’ performance was accompanied by numerous debates and contradictions in terms of the development of the management theory. One of the major reason for the dispute was the belief that job satisfaction can be reached through the creation of positive workplace environment, whereas, on the other hand, some researchers (Feder, 2000) argued that motivation of employees is more important for job satisfaction than positive workplace environment. Many management theories emerged and offered different views on job satisfaction and the ways which help to achieve job satisfaction.
In this respect, it is worth mentioning the fact that the overwhelming majority of management theories had certain drawbacks in regard to job satisfaction. To put it more precisely, many management theories stand on the ground

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