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UMUC Frederick MD Network Proposal The network IP addressing scheme for the Frederick MD building should be designed to ease network management. A well thought out network subnet design enables administrators to quickly locate computers by IP address by building floor and room, and whether the computer is a server, a student computer, staff computer or instructor’s computer. A proper subnet design will also minimize broadcast traffic that decreases network performance, by reducing the total number of computers allowed in each broadcast domain. A proper subnet design will also provide for efficient use of IP addresses by including only the number of IP addresses in each subnet necessary to…show more content…
The Admissions Office and Classroom directly above the Admissions office is over 300 feet (the Ethernet limit) from the server room and a diagonal pull through the ceiling (258 feet plus a 30 foot drop best case) could be complicated by power line interference and possible obstructions), so these two rooms will require fiber optic cabling rather than CAT 6 UTP. Wireless media access will be protected using WPA2 security with AES 256 encryption and a pre-shared key to prevent eaves dropping. The network will use the Hewlett Packard Procurve switches because of their high performance, low cost relative to other brands (such as Cisco) and their lifetime warranty. The Hewlett Packard E5406zl switches are can support up to 144 gigabit network connections (10/100/1000baseT Ethernet) and one will be installed on each floor in their repective Server Rooms. The switches will be configured with a VLAN (Virtual Local Area Networks) for each subnet. The network access will be secured using Active Directory single

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