Frederick Maryland Research Paper

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Frederick Maryland was founded in 1745 by German settlers and has a rich heritage and a rich opportunity of success. Frederick has been home some famous people like the man who wrote the national anthem Francis Scott Key as well as Maryland first elected governor Thomas Johnson. Frederick is also home to a school I fell in love with hood college. Why would one ask? It reminds of home, I envy the education learning and educational opportunities. Hood also has an exceptional athletic program that helps build the true character for a student-athlete. Hood college is different from many other colleges is because the teachers care about the success of their student, many high schools in this country don’t love and support their students. Many teachers at hood have helped me through the process. Being a liberal arts school, Hood take it education seriously. Many who come to Hood have come out a better student and person in generally. I know this because I have a relative at Hood college right now. After he graduated high he went to a Towson where he struggle to succeed and his academic career at Towson was over before then he wishes. He didn’t know what to do and he decide that he try hood college. This could have been one of the best scenarios for him. My beliefs taught order and ownership for his work…show more content…
Yes, I am well aware that the Hood baseball program relatively new. But playing for the hometown team will be a dream come true. I love baseball, but I love my hometown more. This is the place I feel the happiest, There is nowhere on Gods green earth where I would not want to come but Frederick. Baseball is a sport that I have loved the more I play and get better. I may not be the best athlete but I am the biggest hustler on the field. And the one’s who hustle or what you call “tryhards” The best Athletes. One day, I would love to wear the navy blue and gray, and play for my hometown and my city I
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