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March 16, 2014 English 104 Frederick Douglass Article Analysis In the reading by Frederick Douglass, Learning to Read, he talks about how he learned how to read. He grew up in Maryland and he talks about how his mistress, his slave owners’ wife, taught him the alphabet and how to read. Eventually she stopped, due to him being a slave he wasn’t suppose to know how to read, and Douglass had to continue to learn how to read by himself. One thing Frederick Douglass could have done was to put some details about his family. He never mentioned his mom, dad, siblings or if he had any. If he did it would have interesting to know what they did or felt about him learning to read and write. It would have also…show more content…
How did he get away with gathering the books and finding the time to copy the words? Douglass could have used some details in describing the scene when he was able to find the time to do such things and how often was he able to do these things? These are just some thoughts that aroused in my head while reading this article. The overall article was well written but if Frederick Douglass would have incorporated some details about his family, like their whereabouts and their feeling or if they were being taught how to read as well, would have made the article a little more interesting. Also if Frederick Douglass would have added more details to his story in certain areas would have made the article fuller and gave the readers a more vivid picture of how he was being taught how to read and when he found the time to sneak books and copy the words to learn how to write. These are just a couple things that could have made the article easier to read and understand because when someone is writing a paper the author needs to make sure that the audience can understand what the message is clearly and be able to create an image of what is being said. WORKS CITED PAGE Douglass, Frederick. “Learning to Read” Reading the World Ideas that Matter. Ed. Michael Austin. New York
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