Frederick Taylor

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How has Frederick Taylor influenced the practice of management today?
Frederick Taylor (1856-1915) was a steel worker who looked for ways to improve industrial efficiency.
Taylor believed that it was the manager’s duty to understand workers and their jobs. He wanted to come up with a way to ensure that workers complete their tasks with maximum production and minimum costs (Madeheim, Mazze, Stein 1963). In order to achieve that he came up with a concept known as scientific management to try and improve industrial efficiency.
Scientific management included four major steps. The first step was aimed to eliminate the “rule of thumb” method adopted by employees and replace it with specific ways to complete a task. The second step was to
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Moreover when Macdonald’s hires a new employee they teach him or her specifically in the area they will be working in. Furthermore they have specific instructions of how things should be done, to help employees remember there are labels colour codes and other tools to remind employees of how they should do their job. MacDonald’s is known for its fast service. This concept wasn’t developed by Macdonald’s for the satisfaction of its customers. This notion can be dated back to Taylor however it was adopted by Macdonald’s because the faster employees work the more customers they can serve thus increasing productivity and profit.
This is an example of scientific management; each employee is assignment with a particular task which should be performed only in the way he was trained to do it – which leads to the assumption that that would be the “one best way”. Moreover there needs to be no creative thinking from the employee’s side as everything is already planned by the managers of the franchise. Furthermore it is evident that Macdonald’s is also focused on productivity and efficiency which it tries to improve day to day.
There are many more examples of organisations that still adopt scientific management in the same way MacDonald’s does such as KFC, HUNGRY JACKS, apart
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