Frederick Winslow Taylor's Definition of Scientific Management

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The scientific management also referred to as the mechanistic mind set or mechanistic view of the organization was first defined by the Fredrick Winslow Taylor (Grรถnroos, 1994). While this method has disappeared to a large extent at least from the mainstream literature, but it is believed that to some extent every organization has the Taylor method in place. We can say that this is true because standardization of processes and tasks is needed even if not as rigidly as Taylor first proposed. In scientific management the tasks and duties are defined clearly and are highly standardized. The employees have to perform the tasks assigned to them according to the pre defined standards. Every company has certain Standard of Procedures (SOP) which should be implemented and followed by each and every employee (Harris, 1997). This is believed to be mechanistic view of organization because the employees and workers are considered to be just like a part of machines which are there for some specific tasks and purpose which have to be performed by them (Martin, 2006). Under this view of organization and management the managers or CEO view their organization as an efficient machine and employees and every other thing are just the parts of it which can be replaced if needed. In this style of management the most dominant design aspects are the predictability and control. The organization has a proper hierarchical structure with clearly defined lines of authority. Let us see how we find
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