Frederik Taylor and Scientific Management

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Mechanistic and bureaucratic organizations are known to have a well-structured hierarchy to achieve the most efficient and effective operation, the specialization of task, and repetition of procedures. Mechanistic organizations are rather easier and simpler to organize and maintain. However, it has it difficulties to cope with change and will most probably struggle to encourage organizational learning. The purpose of this essay is to discuss and study the difficulties that mechanistic and bureaucratic organizations might face to encourage organizational learning. Organizations will be analysed and discussed through mechanistic and learning perspectives.

There are several key theories and concepts about the mechanistic perspective. One of
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Employees at McDonalds required low skills and are not required to think as well. Each employee has a specific task and responsibilities; each task is required to be repeated over and over again until working hours end. All these attributes are applicable to other fast food restaurants such as, Carl’s Junior, Starbucks and etc. Tasks are usually simple, clear, straightforward and repeatable. Mechanistic perspective concepts are very well applied to factory industry and fast food industry, as their task is repeatable, simple and straightforward and only required to achieve the maximum output of efficiency. He proposed that the theory of time and motion has a relatively impact on efficiency of the organization.

Max Weber was a sociologist from Germany. Based on Weber’s perspective, he idealised the structure of organization as the tasks and responsibilities of the workers are defined clearly and their behaviours are strictly controlled and organized by rules and regulations and procedures. Weber has several key principles of his idealisation of organizational structure. Weber’s main idea of bureaucracy is the rational type that is mainly about jobs or tasks being specialized and characterized according to employee’s capability, the authority of the hierarchical structure of an organization, operating solely by rules and regulations and in an impersonal manner. He proposed that organization management should be controlled by
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