Fredrick Douglass Covey

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Fredrick Douglass is a hard working slave that was sent to a slave breaker. He was kept to work for a man named covey until his spirit was broken. Covey was one of the best slave breakers around. Covey tried his hardest to break the spirit of Fredrick Douglass. Covey would whip Fredrick as much as he could for anything he could. One day late in the evening Fredrick was coming home after he had gone to his master before covey. Covey was not happy with Fredrick’s actions. As covey began to whip Fredrick, Fredrick had struck covey with a mighty force. Fredrick and Covey started to fight. After the beating Fredrick had won. Covey had respect for Fredrick and feared that next time he whipped him, he would surely kill him.
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