Fredrick Douglass : The Problem Of Discrimination In America

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“Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.” If you are black, you are a product of history that your ancestors did not choose whereas if you are white, they are products of history that their ancestors choose. White people would never understand or experience the challenges that African Americans have to constantly face. Although slavery has been abolished, racism will continue to be a problem throughout society and be a proven never-ending cycle for African Americans.
Children who witness their elders condoning the dehumanization of blacks will grow up committing the cruel acts. Whereas a black child may question an elder as to why they are being treated this way. “The false sense of superiority that segregation fosters in whites contributes to their rejection of policies to integrate American society” (Rothstein 197). Although it is human nature to be kind and loving to another human, Fredrick Douglass emphasized that slavery damaged both him and his master’s wife. She was forced to abide by the status quo of her country where African Americans were to be treated like an animal because that is what they were seen as. The fact that Jim Crow laws decreed African Americans to a permanent second class, they are always perceived as such in today’s society. The segregation that occurred amongst African Americans and white people are embedded in our history even after the Jim Crow laws were abolished. “The lower achievement of African American children that results from
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