Free And Enslaved African Americans

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In the late 1700s, most African Americans were enslaved and treated poorly, because of their skin color. By the 1800s, some African Americans were free, because they fled to towns that allowed them to be treated fairly or they bought their freedom. Although some African Americans were free they were treated like they were still enslaved. Free African Americans did not have any rights, so they were still being prohibited from many things that whites had the privilege to do freely. For instance, free African Americans could not own land and they could only live in certain areas. While whites could own land and live wherever they desired. Whites had laws that allowed them to be free and live without limitations, while African Americans had…show more content…
African Americans wanted to surround themselves with people who did not judge, dehumanize, or disrespect them. In other words, whites were constantly putting African Americans belittle them by telling them they are worthless. African Americans did not want to be in an environment that made them feel like an outcast, they wanted to be around people who uplifted them and made them feel accepted. They wanted to be in a community that allowed African Americans to be free and express themselves. In addition, they wanted to empower each other with positivity. Namely, being involved in African American organizations or activist groups that supported them and their rights. Being involved with people who had similar background and goals, allowed African Americans to be comfortable and encourage others to do better. Overall, a supportive environment was something free African Americans wanted to build.

African Americans wanted to help each other achieve common goals. African Americans wanted to help themselves and their family achieve lifelong objectives. For instance, they wanted freedom and land. African Americans are free and having land will show how far they have come from slavery and show how they are closer to equality. In addition, African Americans wanted to help their children by having schools that they can attend, so they can build their education and knowledge. Namely, learning how to read and write. African American children
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