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The New Tax in Town

The idea of beginning a tax on sugary drinks is nowhere near a new one. Many people immediately jump to soda whenever they hear this idea, and that’s where most people see the problem surrounding the sugary drink debate. I see the problem not with the products themselves but how they are abused to the point where they can become a problem to the consumer. Like most things, it’s all good in moderation but once you start to have three to four cans or bottles a day it can start to be an issue. Thats where this proposed tax is supposed to come in and save the day. Or so that’s what most of us have been told, and some of us believe. But maybe this new tax doesn’t need to have a place in our society. Sin taxes are seen as a
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If the idea was to get people to not drink the these beverages as much as we are used to then a tax would be going at it all wrong. It would be a better idea to have more marketing or information about the benefits of limiting their sugary drink intake. I don’t even think I have ever seen an ad or service announcement about not drinking soda. Everything shown to us is to encourage us to go to the store and pick up the pack of soda or a huge bottle of gatorade. But there are ads against smoking and drinking shown all the time. Ads are about awareness and are an easier approach to the public because it’s a win-win (Clemmit). These companies don’t lose customers to high taxes and the public learn some of the health issues that come with most of the products. If we were going to put the same taxes on sugary drinks they would have to be treated the same. “If you want to tax the hell out of soda, then you need to make people think that’s a drug, not a beverage - that downing a Coke is just like puffing on a cigarette (Engber 641). This proposed tax on these sugary drinks is a little too far fetched for most of the American people to get behind. With an unfair tax to many businesses and treatment related to alcohol and tobacco, this tax wouldn’t make too many people happy. America loves many things, such as sugary drinks, and to treat them the same as these big cancer causing products just doesn’t fly too well. There are plenty of other reasonable techniques that we can use to get the people of this country to agree on appropriate amounts of sodas and other forms of sugary drinks are safe to
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