Free Candide Essays : The Good And Evil

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The Good and Evil in Candide Candide was brought up in Westphalia in Europe in the castle with the Baron of Thunder-Ten-Tronckh, the baroness, their daughter Cunegonde and their son Maximilian. (Hellman, 2008) Candide was considered a bastard son of his sister and is the nephew of the Baron. (Hellman, 2008) Candide fell in love with his daughter Cunegonde and confessed his love to her but the baron would not have his daughter marrying a bastard child, so the Baron kicked Candide out of Westphalia. (Puchner, 2012) The easy laid back life he once known is no longer in existence. Candide now has to rely on being optimistic and living on Pangloss’s (his Tutor) Philosophical side which he greatly looks up to. By doing so, Candide has to learn to reject the evil around him so it doesn’t swallow him up and take over the good that he possesses. The world is full of evil that he will soon embark upon and will see how the other side has to live being poor. Candide’s faith is tested in several adventures full of misfortune and disaster. (Hellman, 2008) Even though Candide was raised to only believe in the good in the world and to always look on the bright side of things, evil did consume him at times. It was stated that “Candide faces the first contradiction of his optimistic vision of the world: he is a commoner and bastard, and cannot marry Cunegonde, the noble daughter of the Baron” (Hellman, 2008). After he was kicked out of Westphalian there was invaders who ravaged and
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