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Motivated To Be Blue There are so many things that give inspiration and meaning to a person’s life, but for me there was one inspiration that really inspired me. This inspiration inspired me to want to become a CSI or an additional occupation in law enforcement. The person who motivated me and inspired me was my grandfather. He always told me to study hard, get good grades and be the best you can be because education and common sense are very important in a person’s life. He would also tell me that there will be obstacles, but you can overcome them and never give up. My grandfather never gave up. He was a force to reckoned with. To save someone’s life, or encounter someone who is at a low in their life and to help them to make better choices, by pointing them in the right direction and listening to what they say and respecting them will show them a better way in life. “Though you may never know it, what you say and how you treat the lowliest criminal may play a huge role in whether or not they make better choices in the future”(5 Reasons 1). Everyone can help someone out even if it…show more content…
You can change from one position to another. If you are tired of be on patrol then you can transfer to investigation or K-9 officer or detective and so on. Law enforcement is a challenging career. “Almost everybody enjoys a challenge, and there are few career fields more challenging than law enforcement” (5 Reasons 2). It involves physical and mental challenges. For instance, they work with individuals in conflict and try to come up with a mutual agreement for a resolution to the issue. When a law enforcement officer is in the field, he or she has to serve as a lawyer, doctor, judge, counselor, babysitter, teacher and so on. The work involved in being in law enforcement serves a greater good and the biggest reward would be that they help countless individuals in the long
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