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Swimming has been a passion of mine since age four. The adrenaline and the screaming of the fans in a race made me love the sport even more. In the thirteen years that I have been swimming, I never gave up my passion or drive to swim. Even from the countless times I thought of quitting because it became too tough, I persevered and just kept on swimming. To me, swimming is not just an extracurricular activity or a sport, it is a way of life.
The first swim team I joined was a local private pool team, five minutes from my house. After the first week of practice, I was hooked. My first season I made many friends and learned I was not an awful swimmer. The next year I grew bigger and stronger, and became better at the sport. In summer swimming, there are three championship meets, Divisionals, All-stars, and Mid-Caps. As a five year old, in my second year of swimming, I made it to Mid-Caps, in a relay. I did not medal that year, but it taught me that I had to keep working vigorously to achieve my goal. My goal was achieved when I was eight, when I achieved first place in the twenty-five backstroke. As I progressed to higher levels of swimming, including high school, I experienced the true meaning about swimming.
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Swimming helped me to make everlasting friendships, and helped get me in better shape. I experienced the pain of waking up early for swim meets, skipped parties, and other events for swimming, but it has helped me grow in character and transform in the pool. Swimming has taught me to respect my coaches fully, and to never give up on anything in life. From my experiences, I still love swimming the same way, ever since I won my first medal at the championships when I was eight. Through it all, swimming will always be a part of my

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