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Calling Dr. Brown—I saw my first patients while in Mrs. T’s Imaginarium Court tucked in a corner of my K/1 combo class at Bergeson Elementary. It was a place of dreams and aspirations, painted with bold colors, lavished with fabrics and costumes, and encouraging an array of childhood imaginations. This corner represented my inner desires. Dressed in my white lab coat with a stethoscope draped over my neck, I sat anxiously awaiting the chance to cure my patients’ boo-boo’s, intent on serving my own dose of care and empathy. While my “Court” practice was brief, these moments sharing “medical skills” offered an interesting glimpse of my future. When Jacob, the professional baseball player, broke his leg sliding into home, Dr. Brown came to the rescue. When Riley brought in her screaming daughter, Ashleigh, after splitting her chin open and gushing blood, emergency services were rendered complete with stitches, a kind touch, and a sticker to put a smile on her face. Mrs. T. also indulged my imagination by sharing her ailments, and, as always, Dr. Brown had the right medicine. Exploration into the imaginary was an exercise in creating great leaders for tomorrow, and gave me profound purpose.
Later, when asked to identify a role model, I realized the source of my passion. While a toddler, 9/11 …show more content…

My friend, a young girl of 12 that swam along side me day after day, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The tragedy of her death and the brilliance of her joy pierced my heart deeply. I found solace working tirelessly at her NEGU Foundation; the mission to spread joy to children suffering cancer. I was fortunate enough to deliver “Joy Jars” and witness the sheer joy a crayon, a stuffed toy, or a princess crown brought; it touched my heart and fueled my soul’s

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