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Essay #1: personal influences Introduction Bojangles’– passive I have a job at Bojangles’. I believe Bojangles’ is a positive influence because it gives me an opportunity to think passively. This has been a great help because I otherwise don’t have many opportunities in my life that allow me to ‘zone out’ while still being productive. This is also a positive influence on my self-esteem because I am able to do something productive and meaningful on a regular basis without it costing me much effort. Boy scouts – passive Boy scouts was a strong influence on me during my teenage years. Although I did quite well in scouts, and was even able to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout, I did not enjoy it. This is primarily because I was quite shy during…show more content…
That being said, we have since put such childish bullying behind us and hold no further grudges. For the sake of making my point, however, let it be known that my approximately 4-10 year old perception of my brother was little more than a soulless poltergeist bent on tormenting any vulnerable aspect of my delicate pre-pubescent sensibilities. Despite how bad this sounds on the surface, however, I actually consider this to have positively affected my active critical thinking skills. This is because I internalized that whatever bullying or teasing I endured was something that I had the power to counteract or correct for. Therefore that which had previously been one-sided bullying became something of a strategic game where I would seek out ways to improve my emotional fortitude while he would find new ways to attempt to get under my skin. Video games – mixed Speaking of games, video games have had a major impact on my life and on the way I see the world. I was initially hesitant to include this topic on account of its complexity, but I decided that it was simply too important to leave out. Gaming has impacted my life in many different ways, both positive and
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