Free College Admissions Essays: Success Is Failure

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“So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit–/It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit,” are the lines that have inspired me, uplifted my spirits and buoyed me up, when I could not see light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. I get the poet’s simple yet meaningful message, never throw in the towel, in every alliteration, simile, even rhyme scheme. When my cupcakes were undercooked, or when they collapsed on my second attempt at baking, “success is failure turned inside out”, kept me motivated and I baked my third tray in a preheated oven in 350 degrees Fahrenheit for forty minutes and got absolutely scrumptious cupcakes. When I did not get a perfect score in the eleventh grade, as I was wont to till then, I did feel a pang of…show more content…
Moreover, last year, I wrote my essay as a candidate for the AFS Intercultural program and was certain to proceed to the next stage. Therefore, I was agitated for I was unable to understand the reason when I was not selected. I was angry and with angst raging in me, I almost did not recognize myself, when, “often the struggler has given up/when he might have captured the victor’s cup,” changed my perspective and I found that I started adopting a different approach – I introspected and thought about all the things that could have affected the result. Having done that I applied again, requested that I be given another chance, which I was – and qualified! Eventually two months later, I found myself seated in a Lufthansa flight, headed to Stuttgart in a group of twelve teenagers, to spend two months with my host family in the village of Hiemerdingen and attend school with my German siblings. Had I allowed myself to give up, I would have never lived the sixty days immersed in a culture and surroundings dramatically different from mine with a family who were strangers before I met them at the airport. (400
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