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Will Free Public College Make a Difference? “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” argues Nelson Mandela. Many students after high school want the chance to go to college, but the expense in furthering their education is their drawback. In some countries around the world and back in our nation’s history, young people seeking higher education could attend public colleges for free. Today, the price of attending a public college is causing people to stop enrolling in a University and just taking a job after high school. While it is true that someone can make, a decent living getting a job after high school, one’s education is more important and should be free of cost for everyone. With a free education, America’s fate is going forward, graduates are able to contribute to the economy, and three social classes will not be separated as badly.
While public college tuition is decreasing, America’s fate is increasing. According to Arthur Checkering’s student development theory “developing mature interpersonal relationships” is one of the seven stages that happen at college. Americans are the most innovative people in the world. If more students after high school went to college they would gain interpersonal relationship skills. Furthermore, this would lead the United States as not having the most innovative people. A Study in 2009 found that “16 to 24-year-old high school drop-outs were 63% more likely to be incarcerated than those with a bachelor’s
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