Free College Proposal

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If someone were to ask me if I wanted to go to college for free, I wouldn’t even think twice about my answer. In 2013, seven out of ten graduating seniors had student loans for non-profit colleges. An average of $28,400 for each graduate to have to worry about while trying to find a job (Thompson). Imagine if that number could be cut in half. President, Barack Obama, introduced a proposal to allow the first two years of college to be free for students who attend community college. Of course, the program will have requirements for students who want to waive the tuition costs such as maintaining a 2.5 GPA, make steady progress towards completion, and be enrolled at least half-time. Also for his plan to work, states must supply ¼ of the necessary funds as well (Dash). The project is predicted to cost about sixty billion dollars throughout the next ten years. The White House claims that the program could help nine million students a year. Whether the student is trying to transfer to a four year school or is a mom who wants a degree, the program has the potential to help anyone who meets the requirements.
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