Free College Should Be Free

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College Should be Free for Anyone Who Wants to Attend

Specific purpose: The specific purpose of this speech is to persuade my audience about free college.
Central Idea: I am going to talk to my audience about why college should be free by telling them the advantages and disadvantages that can occur with free college.


Hi everyone, I bet you did not know that in 2015, nearly 20 million students attended a college or university, within the United States, according to the National Center for Education Statistics (2017). The nearly 20 million individuals that attended college knew that they needed to continue their education past high school, in order to make more money and potentially get a more stable job. College graduation for many comes with a big price tag and if college was free then it would be different. Today I am going to talk you about why college should be free, and I will include the advantages to free-secondary education along with some of the disadvantages of free-secondary education.

(Connective: I am going to start by talking to you about the first advantage which is, with free college there would be a lack of crippling student loan debt among students.)

I. According to Student Loan Hero (2017), “American’s owe over 1.45 Trillion in student loan debt”.
A. Student loans are sadly how many students pay for college, although some students may get grants and scholarships, but according to Jeff Gitlen (2017), who works for LendEdu, which is a
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