Free College Should Be Free

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Should college be free? In “The Problem is That Free College Isn't Free,” Andrew P. Kelly argues that free college would cost more for the American taxpayer. On the other hand, in “Tennessee Is Showing How Free Tuition Community College Works,” Celeste Carruthers states having free college will give more incentive for students to go to college. It will also encourage them to try community college first. Although free college sounds great at first, it would be more practical to have programs for people who cannot simply afford it. College tuition shouldn’t be the American taxpayers’ responsibility. To Carruthers, college should be free: “the price of college is a critical piece of information for students who are unsure about going, and yet, it is a mystery until after admission and financial aid decisions are in, often late in their senior year (if they applied at all).” Many students and their families cannot simply afford college, making the idea of going unrealistic. Carruthers believes that programs like Tennessee Promise will give students who didn't have the opportunity before a chance to go to college. She states, “Tennessee Promise eliminates that uncertainty with a blunt and simple message: Free tuition for high school graduates of any income and any amplitude.” Free college programs will change the way we think about the academic system. More and more students will be allowed to continue their academic careers without having to worry about costs. On the other
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