Free College : Should College Be Free?

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Should College Be Free College Acacian is an associate in today society. Students throughout the country are concentrating on the academics and trying to receive perfect scores. Being able to pay for each student college tuition has taken a toll on today’s economy. Which has led many people wonder why college can’t be free. Every college was funded by the government many more students will try and achieve their goals and get better grades and classes they would try harder to succeed so they could get into college because of course there would be requirements. College tuition should be given to students because it would urge them to concentrate in their studies and succeed throughout college. Most students can’t afford college which leads them to work a part-time job while being a full time student which leaves to very little time to do their homework which leads to very low grades in class. Even if the students do you have jobs they still have to seek out scholarships to pay for their necessities such as books and living expenses which is unfair; imagine working a part-time job and having a scholarship and still not be able being able to afford college. These jobs also take away from the students time to study if the constellation was given three students would have more time to study and they will be less stressed. I would be one less thing to worry about for them. There is many underprivileged families that work hard to to help their kids succeed but yet

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