Free Community College Free Essay

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Many people such as Bernie Sanders supporters believe free college tuition is an

ideal solution to our economic progress that benefits both the individual and the

institution. On the surface free community college tuition seems as an attractive idea.

However, there are more downfalls then benefits to this process.

The most obvious benefit that comes to mind when talking about free Community

College tuition is it will help open opportunities for more freshmen to enroll. The last

dollar scholarship program increased freshman enrollment by 10%. This may be

perceived as a great benefit not only to our economy but the students as well. However,

unfortunately a decent number of students who attend college never graduate or

transfer. “ the share of students who start college but never finish is somewhat between

40% to 45%” this number indicates the are government would be taking a great risk in

investing much time as well as money in students who may or may not earn a degree.

The decision to make Community College free is a hit or miss for our government. The

government would make a decision that has intangible consequences. The greater

hassle falls on the Dropout students shoulders. These students will end up with great

college debt to pay this will be very difficult for them not only because they will have to

take minimum wage jobs but also because the price of college is very expensive.”

according to the College Board average tuition at private
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