Free Community Colleges And Free Tuition

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Right now 7.8 million people are enrolled in a community college, but there are 318.9 million people in the United States. We should have more people enrolled at community colleges and free tuition would help this. Globalization makes it difficult to make a decent living without a proper education because in the 21st century jobs require more education then a High School diploma. Thomas L. Friedman talks about globalization and how it has been around for centuries, but recently has gone to a whole new level in the book The World Is Flat. Globalization is the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence. This is a problem because adults are losing jobs and businesses are outsourcing jobs due to not…show more content…
They will have to work hard to get decent grades to get free tuition. In addition, the article The Push For Free Higher Education points out, “As one of the most developed countries in the world, America has the resources and need for its citizens to be taught to a certain standard in order to foster generations of young intellects.” This means that having our younger citizens educated will only help us in the long run. It will positively impact future generations, instead of having a plethora of uneducated individuals. Even though having tax payers pay for the tuition would be a highly debated issue, it would impact the society in a positive way. We would be able to stop outsourcing work because we would have more educated adults with the right requirements to get jobs they qualify for, and have a variety of different skills due to liberal arts. With free community college tuition adults will have sufficient liberal art skills, which will be beneficial to our society. In the book, The World Is Flat Friedman acknowledges, "But we also need to be vigilant in upholding the teaching of art and music and literature, because they too are essential for innovation." (316). What Friedman means by this is that we just don’t need kids to be excellent at math, science, and history they also need other skills. The more skills they have will only
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