Free Education : Should Not Be Free?

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Free Education in America Education, in America, should be free because having more educated people in this country will potentially increase the job availability. Making education free in America will raise taxes and help student debt. America’s youth is being discouraged to receive an education because of the high tuition and high interest rates on student loans. Many students who are in higher education are also being discouraged because of the low job opportunities after they graduate from school. Many countries have made the education system completely free to ensure that people can get the education desired so why shouldn’t America? The question that comes into play when saying America’s colleges should be free is where is the money to pay for students to attend college going to come from? For one, taxes will have to be increased but only on the people making the most money in the country. The president intends to increase the tax rate to 28 percent on couple or families who make $500,000 or more a year (Hirschfeld, 2015). Increasing the tax rate on those couples will reduce the money coming out of the middle class taxes. The president also wants to give tax breaks for families who pay for higher education. The plan on making community college free for the first two years will also raise an estimated $300 billion or more and cut over $100 billion in taxes. Raising taxes and raising money to make at least community college free for two years will help students who

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