Free Energy Machine The theory of Perpetual Motion and Energy

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The theory of perpetual motion and energy is a topic that is one that is almost an outcast by the scientific community. That is why it so interesting in my opinion. One day I was brain storming and this method just popped into my head. My hypothesis states that a bigger pulley on the router of an electric motor and a smaller pulley on the router of an alternator connected to a battery would put out higher amounts of energy than the same or even smaller pulley on the alternator. The interesting thing about this experiment is that the results actually matched my hypothesis. As far as getting this to run in a continuous fashion if you add an inverter and another battery to this system, the amperage would be enough to power the motor and the electromagnetic field in the alternator. Due to a shortage of funding this inverter could not be brought fourth into this project. With a 4000 watt inverter in theory the machine should spinning continually until something breaks.

Table of Contents

. Introduction

. Purpose

. Hypothesis

. Materials

. Procedures

. Results

. Discussion and Conclusions

Since the beginning of time man has invented a way to keep advancing in energy and technology. It all started from fire than evolved into steam then to coal power to the combustion motor to now solar power. A relatively new and controversial topic is called “free energy”. Free energy is also known as perpetual energy. Using a…